“My motivation for investing in the Lifestyle Assessment was to see how well I recover from the stress created by work and exercise. My role as CEO combined with my habitual CrossFit regiment requires a good recovery plan. Vita 71’s Lifestyle Assessment system gave me clear understanding of how well I recover and what I can do to improve on my cardiovascular health. Anyone serious about their health would benefit by understanding how they are recovering, and the Lifestyle Assessment is an inexpensive, user friendly method to do just that.” - Ed

“Loved the details, and the recovery measurements... there’s a difference between rest time and recovery, and between sleeping and sleeping to recover. Vita 71 changed my sleep into recovery time. I’m grateful and better off for it.” - Ken

“I have taken health and wellness seriously my entire adult life. The Vita 71 System gave me important, science based feedback on where I really stand in terms of cardiovascular fitness, stress and recovery levels. The company also gave me a real world plan for improvement based on patented algorithms. Anyone who wants to take an important step forward in improving their overall wellbeing needs this important tool.” - Gene